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Is there such thing as dairy free yougurt and dairy free cream cheese?

If so, where can you find it? Website or store? Or both?

Posted by mrs.muhammad

Absolutely! There are dairy-free yogurts made from soy, rice, arrowroot, and coconut milk and dairy-free cheeses made from rice, soy, hemp, and tree nuts. Check the labels carefully though, because some soy yogurts and some soy cheeses do contain the milk protein, casein. Also, if you see the word "vegan" on the label, you can be assured there is no dairy in the product.
The best 100% dairy-free yogurt is So Delicious made with coconut milk. And the best 100% dairy-free cream cheese is Vegan Gourmet Cream Cheese Alternative. Tofufutti also makes a good one called Better Than Cream Cheese, but make sure you get the one in the yellow container (not the blue and white one), because it's the only one they make that doesn't have any unhealthful hydrogenated oils. You can purchase many of these products in the natural foods section of most major supermarkets, as well as in Whole Foods and other natural foods stores. Since these items are perishable, it's expensive to buy them online.

Any good books on dairy-free diets?

So I am going to try and rework my diet into a dairy-free one. I have read quite a few good sites about almond milk and alternatives to some dairy products but I also really want to get a book so I can learn more about it. So if you know any good ones please let me know!

Posted by devmetz

I went dairy free 6 years ago when I was 19 when I found out I was allergic or intolerant to dairy. I didn't have any books, I just took it one day at a time. At first it was so hard to give up the foods I was used to eating, and I felt so deprived because I didn't know what to eat. But I stuck with it and eventually I started to get used to it, and I felt better than i'd ever felt in my life, so it was totally worth the initial discomfort. (I also had to give up wheat for the same reason, so yes it was very hard at the beginning).
Dairy is very mucus-forming inthe body, and thus,. Giving it up helps the body to more efficiently absorb nutrients from food and supplements as well, even if you're not cutting it out for allergy reasons.

Some things I found that I enjoy:
-soy milk: try every brand you can find, and then stick with the one you like best. It's great for cereal, tea, protein shakes and to mix with fruit in a bowl when you feel like eating peaches and cream :)
-alternatively, there are milks made from rice, almonds, potato, and hemp that you can try as well
-soy cheese: most soy cheeses are actually made from casein (milk protein) so ironically are no good if you're allergic to dairy, but Earth Island makes a tofu-based cheese in jalapeno and mozza flavours that are really good
-or, you can try goats milk cheese unless you're allergic to that, too…I can actually eat goats cheeses, depends on your situation
-instead of butter, I use a good extra vrigin olive oil in mashed potatoes, or on popcorn…or any good tasting vegetable oil works great too
-when I make a cream-based soup, I use either unsweetened extra thick soymilk or coconut milk
-soy yogurts are good, my fave is Nancy's Organic Cultured Soy, I like both the plain and the little ones with fruits in them, but So Nice and Olympic soy yogurts are also really good
-eat lots of sesame seeds, almonds and leafy greens like spinach and kale to supply calcium and magnesium in your diet, or take a supplement

Hope this helps! Email me if you have any questions, I love to help :)
and good luck with your journey :)

Dairy free and soya free chocolate?

Does anywhere offer a chocolate thats free of both these?? Or is it possible to make some (now theres a challenge!!!)? Any help would be really appreciated!!!!!!!!!

Posted by CD123

Finding dairy free (dark) chocolate is not so hard.

However, finding chocolate that is not made with soy lecithin is quite a challenge these days.

The first is Michel Cluizel. They're based in France and make a wide variety of chocolate bars, chocolate covered things (like orange peels & almonds) and bonbons. The bonbons contain milk products, but their other products should be clear. You can find them at upscale markets & import shops or order online at Chocosphere.com (Other European chocolates that are lecithin free are Domori & Amadei, but they're a bit harder to find.)

For American chocolate you might want to try Askinosie, however, it's a rather dark chocolate and like Cluizel, also expensive. But it's really tasty. You can find them in some shops, check their website or order direct.

Though it's not quite in answer to your question, this candy shop online tags all their products with allergen info.


Sweet Earth Organics sells online and offer vegan & lecithin free chocolate chips. However, if it's an allergy issue, please check with them about any possible contamination issues with shared equipment.


If you have Whole Foods near you, check out the 365 Organic Chocolate Bars. They have a dark bar that, last time I checked, didn't have any lecithin in it or dairy. Again, check the package for any shared equipment warnings.

Good luck!


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